AOGKF National is Japan recognised and is an official representative of the International Okinawan Karate-Do Federation (IOGKF) International, which is one of few world bodies recognised by the Japanese Federal Government as an official traditional martial arts Federation. Goju-ryu Karate, under the auspices of Master Morio Higaonna has been practiced in Australia even before the formation of the world body in 1979. IOGKF Karate has been practiced in our country for over 40 years and one man who has been there since the beginning of Master Higaonna’s legacy in Australia is Sensei Joe Roses, the head of AOGKF National.

In July 2012, Master Higaonna (74 years old at the time), stepped back from his role as World Chief Instructor and appointed Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura as his successor. It was around the same time that Sensei Nakamura approved a restructure of the Australia organisation, which resulted in the birth of the AOGKF – a newly structured and organised federation to preserve the cultural treasure of Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate for future generations and to make it available to all Australian’s irrespective of race, creed of gender. A new modern organisation to present Goju-ryu Karate in a new way for members of new and old.

AOGKF Structure

AOGKF is run by a team of dedicated Australian instructors & members. The AOGKF has a full organisational structure consisting of a Head instructor, Chairperson, executive committee, treasurer, secretary general, event staff and support team. The federation has its own specially designed support tool to ensure all activities are carried out in an efficient and professional manner. The current AOGKF structure is as follows:

Sensei Joe Roses

Sensei Kevin Nash

Sensei Joe Roses
Sensei Kevin Nash
Sensei David Lambert

Secretary General: Sensei David Lambert
Treasurer: Sensei Michael Scott