Our Dojo

The AOGKF Tuggeranong Dojo is a family Dojo which encourages parents to get involved with their kids classes and use traditional Karate as a way to bond together. Classes are close, affordable and fun and are all taught by Internationally recognised Black Belt instructors who are friendly, approachable and professional in the way they conduct sessions.

Both Sensei Phil and Sensei Lexie cater for all ages, abilities and fitness levels and the whole club has a family feeling and welcome newcomers with open arms. The club also participates in numerous AOGKF events such as annual friendship tournaments and National camps to benefit all members.

  • Safe and friendly training environment.
  • Traditional Karate at its best.

Sensei Phil and Lexi

Sensei Phil Collins, an AOGKF and IOGKF 3rd Dan, has been practicing Goju-ryu Karate since he was young boy. A student of Australian Head Instructor, he has now begun giving back what he has learned through the AOGKF Tuggeranong Dojo. Now joined by his wife, Sensei Lexie Collins, also OGKF and IOGKF 3rd Dan, who is an amazing Karate-ka in her own right, they have both been graded by IOGKF International senior guest instructors. They also teach regularly at major camps and events.

Class Timetable
Take advantage of our FREE trial offers Today! Classes cover a variety of aspects of traditional karate including self defence, fitness, strength and conditioning and partner work. The club has a range of equipment available to make each session different from the next while still enabling to you to progress. Get in touch with Sensei Phil and Sensei Lexie today and give your child a head start in life with traditional Karate.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 Family Class
10:00am – 11:30am

How to find us

Dojo Location
Bonython Community Hub
16 Barr-Smith Avenue, BONYTHON ACT
Contact: Sensei Phil +61 412 275 925
Contact: Senapi Lexi +61 425 011 771

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YOUNG GRASSHOPPERS (3 – 4 years old)
Our young grasshopper programs are specifically designed for children aged 3-4 and incorporate basic karate skills with fun activities designed to improve your child’s co-ordination, strength, flexibility and confidence. The most popular part of this class with parents is the strong emphasis on stranger danger principles and effective self defence against larger opponents.

PEE-WEES (5-12 years old)
Pee-wee classes are for those children aged 5-12. Fun, effective and energetic is the best way to describe these classes. Fully qualified and screened instructors will help you to give your child a head start in life by giving them effective self-defence skills, self-confidence and respect. They will have a smile on their face the entire time while we help them set realistic goals and achieve them.

Our clubs recognise that our teens go through big changes and at different times. We have special programs to accommodate every individual. Our Junior (12-14 years) program allows students to build their skills and confidence as they grow and eventually transfer to our Cadet (15-17 years) program, where they are tested on all aspects of the style. Effective traditional Karate classes in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all fitness and levels.

Unlike most martial arts clubs, our Australian organisation has a high ratio of female to male karate practitioners. Encouraged just as much as their male counterparts, Women all over Australia are achieving high level status in Karate and inspiring others to do the same.

Our family or all grades classes give members of all ages the opportunity to participate in a class all together. Members ages 5 and up can participate. If you are looking for a positive activity for you and your children to participate in, look no further. Hundreds of families around Australia are all reaping the benefits of practicing Karate together. Why not come and try it yourself?

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World class instructors. World class training.

Our instructors and students regularly travel to Okinawa and the rest of the world to train with our World Masters and Chief Instructor top bring you the highest quality insrtuction possible.