Top tips for training in Winter

Top tips for training in Winter



Daylight savings has ended, the days are feeling shorter and winter will soon be upon us. You get home from work or school, its warm inside and you want to settle in for the night. Then its time to go to training!

Winter in Australia is without a doubt the hardest time to get motivated for training and when a lack of training kicks in and improvement drops off, it can be even harder to get excited. Below is a list of the top problems we (yes, even instructors feel the winter chill) experience and how to get around them! Along with some top tips to enjoy winter!


It’s cold and dark when you get home and you don’t feel like going to training.

Yes, its commonly regarded that the hardest part about training in winter is actually going to training! When we get home after a big day, we’re tired, cold and the darker evenings automatically make our bodies start winding down to prepare for sleeping.

One great tip that works wonders is to get organized of a morning before you leave home. Get your Gi, Belt, warm gear, drink bottle, towel and whatever you won’t need, pack it in a bag and leave it near the front door.

This helps in two ways. One you’re completely ready to go to training and two leaving your bag near the front door ready to go proves to your family members that you are planning to go to training that night. When we make a more public commitment to training, we are subconsciously more likely to follow through.

Bare feet and Cold Floors!

 Great mix right? Try and get to training a little early, five to ten minutes is best. Get onto the floor before class, do a little light running and moving to get the blood pumping, get the legs and arms moving to get the warm blood to the extremities. Before you know it your tootsies will be feeling toasty and you will be nice and limbered up before training.

Another tip is to get a pair of “Karate Socks”. A pair that you won’t mind wearing in the Dojo and keep them on until the class starts. Again, try a little light running and moving to get the blood pumping and then take your super attractive ‘Karate Socks’ off when your ready to go.

“Weather” or Not

Don’t let the weather outside affect your motivation to go to training! This is why you do an indoor activity is it not? No scorching hot sun to burn you like those poor cricketers and no wet and muddy rain soaked uniforms like all those footy players.

There is a clean Dojo and a good Sensei waiting for you. Don’t let gloomy weather put you in a gloomy mood. Suit up and get to the Dojo.

Summer Lovin’

Goal setting is always an important part of training, regardless of what time year. Long term and short term goals are both important. Look at training through the cooler months as a challenge to take up. Think about what is coming in summer…for instance our World Master coming Canberra, grading tests, etc and thing to yourself where you want to be when the warmer weather arrives. You’ll thank yourself when you come through winter in better shape than when you started.

Lack of Motivation

Talk to your Sensei! One of the biggest overlooked options for kick starting your motivation if its struggling a little is to talk to your instructor. Sensei means teacher, but it also infers that the person with the title has been in your positions before. Some instructors in our organization have trained through over 40 winters, they know the best way to get you back on track and feel good about yourself. Talk to them – they love to help!

Colds and Flu’s

Yuk! Nothing worse than a rotten cold or flu to really put a stop to training. Do the usual’s, take vitamin C everyday, keep your fluids up and stay warm. However when you do feel the cold or flu coming on, don’t push it – be strong and have a night at home.

Its better to have one night off from the Dojo to knock it on the head, over missing three weeks later on because you tried to push on. Call your Sensei or flick them a text message to let them know what is happening and how you are feeling. They’ll support you in your recovery. Remind them when you get back to the Dojo too and they will help you build back up so you don’t go backwards.

As for the spreading of cold and flu’s, besides the obvious, try packing a small bottle of hand sanitizer with your Karate kit. They cost next to nothing and rubbing a little on before and after training keep everyone lean and clean.

Winter Warriors

Embrace the change of season and become a team of winter warriors. Push not only yourself to keep on keeping on, but motivate each other. Talk to the other members of your club, talk about the tips in this article. Commit to work together before or after class on something you need to practice. Even as little as five minutes can start to create a deeper bond between you and others in the club and aids you in beginning to develop your self training skills – a key factor as you become higher ranked within the organization.

No Excuses

Don’t make excuses…saying “I’ll go next lesson” turns into, “I’ll go next week”, which turns into “I’ll start back month”, which ends up in a new years resolution…Don’t fall pray to excuses, use the information in the article and stay on track.


Lets face it, its not the end of the world! Continue to enjoy your training and remain an active part of the club.

If you have more “winter worries” you would like our tips on email us! We’d love to help!







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