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Honesty, Loyalty & Respect – We are the leaders of teaching traditional martial arts in the modern Australia.


The Australian Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate-Do Federation (AOGKF National) is the official organisational branch of IOGKF International, the traditional Karate Federation with over 75,000 members in over 60 different countries. Our country is one of the original founding members and AOGKF has blossomed to become the largest authentic Okinawan Karate organisation in Australia.

With some of the world’s highest ranked and most experienced Karate instructors amongst its ranks, we are ready to help you. Whatever your goals, aspirations or abilities, Karate has become a beneficial passion for thousands of Australians & our martial art schools have something for you and your children!

  • Internationally Qualified – Our black belt instructors are recognised by IOGKF International, who is recognised by the Japanese government as authentic martial arts.
  • Regular events – Optional events held annually including Gradings, training camps, competitions and social outings.
  • Family Friendly – We offer safe, close and affordable options for you and your family. Meet your Karate family today!